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Treatment Journey

While each case is different, the journey is similar so patients can know what to expect at each stage


True 3D Assessment

Using a portable, highly-accurate 3D scanner, in conjunction with an iPad and proprietary software app called BraceScan, each patient is scanned in 3D across 360 degrees in various postures.

This cutting edge approach is time efficient, highly accurate and radiation free. It is also convenient for patients with limited mobility and eliminates the need for casting in younger patients.



Brace Manufacture

Through central computer aided manufacture (CAM), all braces are made by an experienced, dedicated team. Each is made following the ScoliBrace protocols and algorithm with cutting edge technology, ensuring consistency and quality.



Regular Reviews

Each patient’s progress will be reviewed regularly at scheduled visits. Progress and any other changes will be monitored closely and adjustments made to the ScoliBrace and treatment plan as needed, aiming for the best possible outcomes.



Customized Brace Design

BraceScan then combines the 3D scans with digital x-rays, posture photos, and other important clinical information to begin the brace design process.

Expert CAD designers design the brace, ensuring that the end product, ScoliBrace®, is the most effective brace for the patient.



Brace Fitting

Every ScoliBrace is professionally fitted at the patient’s brace fitting consultation. Clinicians will discuss the treatment management plan and make any necessary modifications to the brace for comfort or correction. A scoliosis specific exercise program, such as ScoliBalance, may also be prescribed.



Ongoing Care & Support After Brace Treatment

Ongoing support services are provided for patients after their treatment journey has concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

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